Full Service Minority Fire System Design and Installation

Northpark Warehouse
Berkeley, MO

Fire Solutions was recruited by Clayco to provide fire protection for the new 538,000-square foot Northpark Warehouse in Berkeley, MO.

Fire Solutions provided: design, fabrication, and installation of fourteen (14) K-17 ESFR automatic sprinkler systems which detailed 5,618-sprinkler heads, installation of double check backflow preventer, design and installation of one (1) electric fire pump rated 120-psi @1500-GPM which included a jockey pump, jockey pump controller and wye-delta open reduced voltage controller.  All work including excavation, backfill, material and installation of exterior 10" site fire loop including seven (7) lead-ins and eleven (11) fire hydrants was completed on-schedule and in compliance with NFPA 13 standards.