World Wide Technology

Full Service Minority Fire System Design and Installation

World Wide Technology Headquarters

St. Louis, MO


Fire Solutions was chosen to provide fire protection services for the new World Wide Technology Headquarters located in Westport Plaza, St. Louis, MO.


The scope of work included providing all shop drawings utilizing 3D/BIM software and obtaining permits required by the city and local fire department.  We designed, fabricated, and installed seven (7) wet pipe automatic sprinkler systems and two (2) standpipes, the designed automatic sprinkler systems confirmed to NFPA 13 standards and Solutions-AEC basis of design.  All piping consisted of Sch 10 black steel pipe with cast iron/grooved type fittings starting at 8” flanged connectors inside of the building.  Each of the 1,717 automatic sprinklers installed are quick response, semi-recessed sprinklers

installed within a 3” radius tolerance of the center or quarter-point of  each ceiling tile.  Design, materials, and installation of one (1) electric, vertical, in-line fire pump rated at 750 GPM at 75 psi complete with transfer switch, jockey pump, and jockey pump controller complied with NFPA 20 and included the soft start reduced voltage controller.  Each floor landing was furnished with recessed hose valve cabinets with solid doors on both the east and west stairs, adjacent to the standpipes.